5 Ways to Save Money on Indoor Exercise Bikes


indoor exercise bikes

Building your own home gym can be expensive. Some pieces of fitness equipment can even cost thousands of dollars. The good news is that indoor exercise bikes aren’t the most expensive type of exercise equipment. That being said, you can also save money when you’re buying an indoor exercise bike. Here’s how:

1. Buy The Floor Model

You can save quite a bit of money by purchasing the floor model at your fitness store. Now, of course, floor models aren’t always on sale. They’re usually made available for purchase when the new model comes out.

Visit your fitness store and ask the sales associates when the next models will be available. Let them know you’re interested in buying the floor model at a discount. If the floor model isn’t available, this simple discussion can lead to negotiating a discount on a non-floor model.

2.  Negotiate

Most fitness equipment stores are fully prepared to negotiate the price of equipment. When negotiating, be polite. You’re much more likely to get a favorable response if you’re considerate.

The key to negotiating successfully is to be willing to walk away. Look for a deal; if you don’t get one that is satisfactory, let it go and move on. The right priced bike is out there.

3. Buy Used

Indoor exercise bikes are pretty simple machines. The most complicated piece of equipment on an exercise bike is the console. And you can often replace the console if it breaks. If you’re on a budget, or just like to save money, consider buying a used indoor exercise bike.

When buying a used exercise bike ask about the past usage, maintenance, and if there are any warranties still in place. In most cases you can find owner’s manuals online, however always ask if the original owner’s manual is available.

4. Buy The Base Model

To receive benefits from an indoor exercise bike you don’t need fancy features. You need to be able to adjust the bike to fit your body. You want to be able to increase the resistance with the turn of a knob. And you want to be able to track the following data: distance, speed, and length of workout. Now it’s nice to be able to see calories too, however, this information will vary widely depending on your age, weight, and gender.

5. Shop Around

It takes a bit of extra time and effort, however shopping around can save you 10% or more on your exercise bike purchase. If driving around isn’t appealing, get on the phone to see where you can find the best deal. Also, consider buying last year’s model and watch for sales. Often you’ll find that old models will go on sale when new models are released.


Buying an indoor exercise bike can take a dent out of your budget but it doesn’t have to be a huge dent. While stationary cycles can cost several thousand dollars, they don’t have to. With a little planning, attention, and a willingness to negotiate and look for a good deal, you can save money on an indoor exercise bike.

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