6 Simple Ways to Avoid Sitting Disease

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Sitting disease is the new catch phrase for a sedentary lifestyle. Scientists and doctors have learned that a sedentary lifestyle is much more dangerous than previously thought. In fact, it causes cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and shortens your lifespan.

The problem is that most of us sit most of the day. Think about it, you sit at a desk all day. You sit in the car to get to and from work. Even children sit at a desk all day. Fortunately, the solution isn’t complicated. You can escape sitting disease with a few simple tips.

1. Stretch

Spend time in the morning and throughout your day just getting up and moving your body. When you get out of bed, stretch your arms over your head. Bend over and touch your toes. Stretch from side to side too. This gets you immediately in touch with your body in the morning. Do the same thing throughout your day. Stand up and move your body.

2. The Whole Day Approach

Exercising during the day is a good thing. However, it doesn’t solve the “sitting disease” problem. If you still sit for more than seventy percent of your day then you’re probably sitting too much.

Try to get up and walk every hour. Make it part of your schedule – set the alarm on your smartphone to remind you that it’s time to get up and walk around. Walk to the bathroom. Go get a drink of water. Go outside and get some fresh air.

When you run errands, park at the back of the lot and walk to the store. If you can stand at your desk and work, do that too. If you have something to ask or tell a co-worker, then get up and go to their desk. Make moving a habit throughout your day.

3. Get a Standing Desk

If possible, get a standing desk. And if you don’t want to buy one, these desks are easy to make. You can simply stack boxes on your desk and position your computer keyboard at waist level.

4. Pace

When you’re on the phone, get up and move. Pace the floor. It burns calories and it gets your body moving. Additionally, walking when you’re talking has been shown to stimulate brain activity. You may have more productive conversations.

5. Be an Active Watcher

When you watch television don’t sit on the couch, at least not the entire time. Get up during commercials. Get on the floor and stretch or do strengthening exercises. Get a folding walking treadmill and walk while you watch.

6. Make Leisure Time Active Time

What do you and your friends and family do together? Does it involve sitting for hours at a time? If so, consider changing your habits. Go for a hike together. Play football, Frisbee or go bowling.


Preventing sitting disease really just comes down to moving your body more often. Your body was made to move. You have amazing joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles all designed to move. Use them so you can stay healthy and live a long life.

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