Are You Making these 5 Snacking Mistakes?


Many diet programs tell you to eat snacks throughout the day to help with hunger. What they might not be telling you is that it could be your snacking that is sinking your weight loss goals. Here are some snacking mistakes that you could be making that are frustrating your results.

Are you a firm snacker or a grazer? A firm snacker is a person who brings their snacks with them and eats only what they brought. A grazer is someone who is more likely to pick up a little of this or that (like at a party), forgetting that calories are cumulative.

In both cases, but mainly with the latter, it is important to evaluate what you are eating as well as the amount, to determine if you are snacking wisely or unwisely. Did you know that many of us gain more calories from the snacks than we do the meal? Snacks need to be put together just like your main meals.

Here are 5 snacking mistakes that can make you gain weight:

1. Skipping breakfast

This is a snacking mistake because you tend to do more snacking when you miss a meal. You tell yourself that you are trying to catch up on calories, but it often results in overindulgence and not in the good healthier fare.

2. Snack quality

Just because you have only one chip doesn’t make it a smart snack. For the amount of calories and sodium in that one chip you could have had a more nutritious and more filling snack with a cheese stick and some almonds. Non-nutritive snacks just add empty calories and won’t keep you full or satisfied for very long.

3. Eating in your car

This is just like eating in front of the television. You are focusing on something else besides the food. If you have a bag of low-fat chips or cookies or even nuts, you may wind up eating more than a serving as you go about your morning or afternoon commute.

4. Eating at the office

If your office is like many others, there are always community snacks available in the lunchroom. Grabbing a handful of nuts, popcorn, chips or a sliver of that scrumptious chocolate brownie as you pass will pack on the calories in no time. For one, you are not conscious of how much you are eating even though you only grab a handful each time.

5. Liquid snacks

It is okay to drink juice or a shake, but make sure that they are satisfying like a smoothie. Another problem with liquid snacks is that we don’t count the calories because they are not solid foods. You could drink half your calories each day in sodas, coffee, milk and juice if you are not careful.


How are you snacking these days? A few changes could make the difference in your weight loss results.

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