Fitbit Blaze Fitness Watch Review

When you are trying to get healthy and fit, it helps to have a way to track your progress. Fitbits are an extremely popular device that allows you to track all of your activity during the day.

The Fitbit Blaze Fitness Watch is a very popular option to choose from. With the Blaze version of the Fitbit, you will be able to track your active minutes during the day, whether you are going for a walk, walking up and down the stairs at home, or walking during your job. It also includes heart rate monitoring during the day with the PurePulse technology. Let’s take a closer look at this popular fitness watch.

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Pros of the Fitbit Blaze Fitness Watch

Easy-to-read display: Its large LCD screen is large and easy to read. And because it’s made with the ultra-durable Gorilla Glass, you know the Blaze won’t get scratched.

Accurate heart rate monitor: Measures your heart rate as well as the intensity of your workouts. including whether or not your heart rate and intensity was kept up during these workouts.And, there’s no need for a chest strap.

Tracks a variety of sports: The way the Blaze is different from some of the other Fitbits is that it also tracks different sports, such as track and field, cross training, marathon training, bicycling, and cardio workouts.

Tracks daily activity:  Automatically tracks steps, sleep, workouts, and heart rate.

Customize your workouts: You can set a limit for how many steps you want to walk, calories to burn, or even stairs to climb.

Set up call and text notifications: You will be able to use the touchscreen display on the front of the Fitbit Surge wristband to set up call, text and calendar notifications, and sync the data with your smartphone or computer.

Silent alarm: You can set up its silent alarm to wake you up each morning with a light vibration motion on your wrist

GPS capability: The Blaze also includes a GPS feature so you can map all of your routes.

Replaceable watchband: Accessory bands and frames in a variety of colors and styles can be purchased separately.


Cons of the Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

Not waterproof: This is a common drawback of the Fitbits. However, it is water resistant as well as sweatproof.

Battery life: Some users report a battery life of 2-3 days. However, this depends on how often it is syncing your smartphone.

Watchband: Some users thought the band was too wide where it restricted wrist movement during workouts. Others complained it caused a skin irritation such as a rash.


Worth the Money?

Overall, you won’t find many drawbacks to the Fitbit Blaze, aside from the fact that it doesn’t always hold a charge for a long time. It should last during the day, but you need to keep it charged regularly as well. This means you can’t track your sleeping every single night as it might need to be charged during these times.

Unlike the Fitbit Surge, the Fitbit Blaze watchbands are replaceable which is a definite plus. Plus, the Fitbit Blaze has received overwhelmingly positive user feedback and looks to be a great way to track daily fitness activity.

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