Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch Review

Are you trying to get fit or lose weight, but having a hard time tracking your progress? If so, the Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch should be able to help! This is one of many Fitbits that help you to track everything from your calories burned to the steps you have walked each day.

The Fitbit Surge activity tracker is specifically for fitness purposes, though it also records your sleep at night. This is actually really helpful because you can find out if you are having restless nights and actually trace them back to what causes you to lose sleep.

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Pros of the Fitbit Surge Activity Tracker:

Easy set-up: Easy set-up right out of the box and has easy-to-use screen functions. You just need your phone and the free app. the Fitbit owner’s manual is right on the app. There is also a silent alarm, so you are able to get woken up with vibrations on your wrist and let your spouse or significant other sleep until their own alarm goes off.

Tracks different types of workouts: Track all of your different workouts, whether going up and down stairs, working out at the gym, walking, bicycling, or running. It also gives valuable feedback about the intensity of your workouts and the heart rate zones trained in.

Measures workout intensity: Ensures that your workout intensity is high enough for weight loss. It measures pace, time, steps, stairs climbed, and heart rate.

Set up call and text notifications:  You will be able to use the touchscreen display on the front of the Fitbit Surge wristband to set up call and text notifications, and sync the data with your smartphone or computer.

Silent alarm: You can set up its silent alarm so it vibrates to wake you in the morning without disturbing others.

Charges quickly: The battery charge is good for about 4 days.


Cons of the Fitbit Surge Activity Tracker:

Not waterproof: Unfortunately, they have not created a waterproof Fitbit as of yet.

Issues with watchband: Some users have complained of cracks developing in the watchband. However, Fitbit customer service is prompt in replacing a defective watch band (if it’s within their one-year warranty). Other users noted that the band gave them a rash. However, the biggest issue with this watch is that you cannot buy replacement straps for this model. So, if the band cracks and it’s outside of its one-year warranty, you’re out of luck.

Worth the Money?

As with any Fitbit, there are some pros and cons to keep in mind. On the bright side, the Fitbit Surge has received very positive user feedback on its performance. However, it is a little bit bulkier than other Fitbit wristbands and doesn’t have a very feminine design. The biggest drawback to this particular model is the fact that you cannot buy replacement straps. For the price you pay for the Surge, you should be able to replace the watchband. Otherwise, this is a wonderful way to make fitness an integral part of your daily life.


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