4 Fun & Effective Workout DVD’s to Try

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There is wide variety of home workouts that are a fun and effective way to get fit at home.

You can download pre-set programs online or find them in a book. You can purchase fitness DVDs (and there are some truly excellent DVD fitness programs available.)

Here are 4 types of home fitness workouts you should know about that can keep you fitness routine fun and interesting.

Bodyweight Workouts

fun home workout programs

Bodyweight workouts don’t require any equipment. You’re literally doing the movements with nothing more than your bodyweight.

Now that may sound simple, however try to do 100 air squats or pushups and you’ll quickly see how effective this type of workout can be.

Bodyweight workouts can help you strengthen and tone as well as burn fat. Learn more…

Cardio Workouts

fun home workout programs

Cardio workouts include anything from hula hooping to running. Dancing is a cardiovascular workout too and so is jump roping. Cardio gets your heart pumping and boosts your metabolism. Learn more…

Fitness Gaming

fun home workout programs

Over the past few years there has been a surge of home fitness programs for popular gaming consoles. We’re talking about the Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Wii.

You can do anything from dance to play tennis. And if you already own a gaming system, you can rent the fitness games before you buy them to make sure they’re right for you. Learn more…

Interval Training

fun home workout programs

Interval training can actually be applied to any of these other programs. An interval is a short period of intense effort.

For example, if you’re performing a bodyweight workout you might increase the intensity by doing as many pushups as you can in a minute. Then you can slow down to a moderate pace.

You can apply intervals to running, jump roping, dancing and even video fitness games. Intervals help you burn more fat and calories. It’s a great way to get in shape fast. Learn more…


As you can see, there can be a lot of variety to home workouts. If you want variety you may find that a few different workouts are ideal.

For example, you may want to dance three days a week and do a bodyweight workout twice a week – that’s a great way to both burn calories and increase your strength.

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