Homemade Gym Equipment Using 5 Household Items

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You don’t have to own a lot of expensive gym equipment to get a great workout.

Before you run off and drop a lots of money on a heavy, bulky and expensive fitness equipment  why not make your own homemade gym equipment. The following 5 common household items can be used in the place of fitness equipment to ramp up the effectiveness of your workouts.

1. Milk jugs, beverage containers

We are referring to the plastic milk jug which has a built-in handle. Water weighs approximately 8.5 pounds per gallon. Fill 2 gallon sized jugs with water and you can perform bicep curls and other exercises where you would traditionally use a dumbbell. An alternative is a laundry detergent bottle. A 72 ounce container will weigh about 5 pounds with water in it.

2. A pair of sturdy chairs

A couple of wooden dining room chairs is perfect for performing tricep dips. You place one chair on either side of your body, with your palms down on the seats of the chairs. Lower yourself down, pulling your feet off the ground and bending your knees.

If your chair is heavy enough, you can also perform dead lifts. There are several other exercises you can perform with a sturdy pair of chairs. A quick web search for “chair exercises” returns millions of relevant results. Search on YouTube for helpful videos which provide visual assistance.

3. A basketball

Aside from playing basketball and getting your exercise that way, you can use a basketball when you perform push-ups to improve the effectiveness of your workout. Instead of placing the palms of your hands on the floor, bring them together and hold a basketball on the floor in front of your face. Performing push-ups this way works your core 20% to 25% more effectively.

4. Stairs

If you don’t feel like spending $1,000 or more on a stairmaster, why not use your own stairs? For a person that weighs 150 pounds, 30 minutes of walking up and down a flight of stairs burns 165 to 185 calories. This provides a nice aerobic workout, and can be performed indoors when the weather outside is nasty.

5. Your kitchen or bathroom counter

Stand in front of your kitchen or bathroom counter, with your back to it. Reach behind and place your hands palm down on the counter, with your fingers curled over the ledge. Slowly move your body weight from your feet to your hands by bending your knees.

Lower yourself, and return to the starting position, putting your body weight on your arms and shoulders instead of your legs. You can also stand about 2 feet in front of your counter, lean forward, and place your hands on the counter ledge. Lean forward, performing inclined push-ups.

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