How to Start Working Out Again After A Long Break

how to start working out again

Good for you for wanting to get back in the exercise habit! However, before you start you new fitness routine, be sure you’re prepared for your body and mind to resist your new habit.  That is only natural. Even though old habits are hard to break, the good news is that you can make new ones.

21 Days for Making a New Habit

Research shows that roughly 3 weeks is all that is required for a daily activity to become an unconscious habit. Depending on the person, getting back into the habit of exercise could take shorter or longer than 21 days. So if you aim for repeating your exercise habits for 30 days, you will probably be successful in changing your physical fitness efforts from conscious behaviors to an unconscious and welcome routine.

Focus on the Rewards, Not the Work

Another way to develop good exercise habits is to remember an old saying that is still used in the southeastern United States. “You catch more flies with sugar than with vinegar.” This simply means that positive motivation works better than negative motivation. Keep your mind on the rewards that regular exercise will offer you. You will become stronger, more mobile, better balanced and flexible, which means that your independence and self-esteem will improve.

Whatever the reasons for your personal interest in getting back in the exercise habit, focus on the rewards you are seeking rather than the physical exercise itself for a better chance at success.

Change up Your Routine

One of the most common complaints of exercise is that it quickly becomes boring. Performing the same routine or movement, the same number of times, the same way, at the same time of the day can quickly become dull and uninteresting.

Make exercise a variety of different activities. Include tennis, walking, aerobics classes and body weight training. Perform yoga one day, Pilates the next, and follow that up with some cycling. Keep your exercise routine interesting and diverse, and you will look forward to your new exercise habit.


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