How to Stay Motivated to Workout

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At the start of the new year, it’s not unusual to see people excited about a new exercise program.  However, fast forward a few weeks and that enthusiasm has fizzled out, for a number of reasons.

Boredom is usually the main reason why people stop exercising. The same walking, running or weight lifting day after day can become pretty boring.

Besides that, some people stop because they find it difficult to continue making exercise a part of their schedule, or they’re not getting results fast enough.

Bottom line… most of us lose the motivation to exercise, using all the above reasons as excuses.

Three Simple Ways to Stay Motivated

The good news is that you can motivate yourself to stick to your daily exercise with a few simple steps:

1. Watch or Listen to Your Favorite Shows/Music

To kill boredom during exercise, engage in some other activity to keep your mind off it. Activities like listening to music, reading a book on the treadmill or watching television while working out on the treadmill can help take the burden off exercise.

Be sure to push your body to work out and not get too distracted, though. You can also switch up the types of exercises you do every day to avoid boredom. For example, lift weights and do the treadmill one day, and join an aerobic class on another.

2. Keep a Fitness Journal

Every move counts during exercise, so keeping track of your exercises and the amount of movements you do in a day can help you stay committed to your exercise plan. You can do this the old fashion way by keeping a fitness journal. Or, install a fitness app on your phone to see how far you’ve walked. Or buying a Fitbit or pedometer to keep track of the amount of steps you take daily.

3. Reward Yourself

Occasionally, you can reward yourself if you  stick to your exercise regime. Give yourself a weekly, fortnightly or monthly treat if you’ve exercised the amount you should.

Be aware that although you may be trying to lose weight, food probably isn’t the best reward to give yourself. You can buy a new outfit, get a massage, or do something along those lines instead, that don’t involve food.


Exercise is essential for a healthy life, so don’t skip on it. Remember though for the best results – and to lose weight – it should be combined with a healthy diet too.

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