What to Wear for Zumba?

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Is it important to have special workout clothes for Zumba?

As with any workout, the right workout gear can help you get the most from the routine. Plus, the high impact and free flowing movements mean that Zumba clothing should give you the ability to move and keep up with the class.

What to Look for in Zumba Clothing

When looking for Zumba clothing, keep in mind that you’ll going to be doing dance workout for about an hour. So, you’ll need to have clothing that helps you move easily through the routines. Here’s a list of things to keep in mind when looking for Zumba clothing.

1. Comfort – As you’ll be in your Zumba clothing for a good hour at least, you will want to be comfortable in what you wear. Before making a purchase, try on the clothing to make sure it fits comfortably.

2. Freedom of movement – Since Zumba is a free-flowing exercise, your clothes should be flexible and stretchable. Yoga or capri pants allow for a full range of movement. They need to allow you to twist, turn and jump and do all the moves in a Zumba session.

3. Support – A good sport bra is a must for Zumba. This keeps your chest stable while doing the dance steps. If you have joints that need support as well, you should look at getting flexible braces in order to avoid injury or stress.

4. Breathable – Quick drying (sometimes called ‘dry wicking‘) fabric is also best for Zumba. There are many sports tops and bottoms that feature fabric that whisks away sweat from the body, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the workout.

5. Fashionable – Since Zumba is known for its lively dance movement, it’s only natural to have colorful and bright workout clothes that can enhance the Zumba experience.

6. High quality – Because the workout is high impact,  be sure to look for quality fitness apparel and accessories.

Have fun shopping for your Zumba clothing and have even more fun wearing them while you dance your way to a fit body!

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