What is YogaFit?

Created in 1994 by an experienced and certified yoga instructor named Beth Shaw, YogaFit differs from more traditional yoga practice in several important ways.

First, YogaFit does not strictly adhere to the ancient Sanskrit names of various postures and poses, which makes it more reliable and easier to learn. In addition, it does not incorporate the traditional “chanting” that is sometimes done in certain yoga stances.

What Are the Benefits of YogaFit?

Based on of Hatha yoga, YogaFit combines exercises and poses that work to develop balance, strength, power and flexibility.

These poses and movements are ideal as a low-impact and safe way to exercise nearly all of the muscles of the body without weights or complicated machinery.

How to Get Started with YogaFit

You can either take a class or there are a number of DVD’s that focus on YogaFit. Beth Shaw has created a number of books and DVD’s to learn more.

If you’re interested in learning more, Beth Shaw’s latest book, YogaLean, delves into detail about YogaFit’s various poses and also reveals recipes that promote weight loss and wellness.

Whether you take a class or follow at home with a DVD, YogaFit will help you build a stronger and leaner body while helping with better posture and improved overall wellness.

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