Zuzka Light Book Review: 15 Minutes to Fit: The Simple 30-Day Guide to Total Fitness, 15 Minutes at a Time

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If you haven’t heard of Zuzka Light by now, you can expect to in the near future. Zuzka is a YouTube fitness sensation who starting filming fitness videos in her basement and built up a following of millions.

Zuzka is leading a new breed of fitness personalities, and has brought in some big help in putting this book together. Co-Author Jeff O’Connell has written a number of fitness books and is the editor in chief at BodyBuilding.com.

In 15 Minutes to Fit, Zuzka and Jeff give a  30-day workout plan that takes no longer than 15 minutes a day. She also includes a meal plan as well as some her personal stories about her own struggles.

Zuzka Light Video – 5 Minute Workout #56

Check out this quick 5-minute video where Zuzka goes over a workout for your Abs:

What’s Included in 15 Minutes to Fit?

  • 30-day workout plan
  • 15 minutes exercising per day
  • Meal plan
  • Facts, figures, and photographs to illustrate the workout

zuzka light book who is zuzka light zuzkalight zuzka fitness zuzka ligth zuzka light workout

Is 15 Minutes to Fit Worth Buying?

Whenever a fitness book or DVD says you can get fit in 15 minutes-a-day, you immediately say, “yeah right.” Am a I right? (Well, at least I do!) However, Zuzka has been doing this for a long time, and she wouldn’t have so many million followers around the world if she didn’t know what she was talking about. 15 Minutes to Fit really can do what it says, and her millions of happy subscribers seem to give credibility to her claims.

The book itself is well put together. The exercises are explained well, not only for posture and form but explanations as to why they work.

She also goes into detail about how and where you get your energy from. It’s not just about what you do to burn out calories, but how you take them in in the first place.

It’s also nice to read about Zuzka’s personal struggles. This is extremely motivating and helps you appreciate that others are struggling with the same problems that you are having. It also reminds us that we can overcome whatever we set our minds to.


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